Iraq War Veterans

US Army IraqIn harm’s way.

Some are soldiers in the Army, some are airmen in the Air Force,
others are sailors in the Navy or in the Marines.

Those men and women serving in the traditional, regular branches of the military
knew that there was a good chance they would be sent to Iraq at some point during their hitch in the service.

But many of the soldiers, sailors and airmen in the Iraq combat sector are serving
in the National Guard or the Reserve, not the regular armed forces.

They didn’t necessarily anticipate being deployed to Iraq.

But there they are, all of them, regular and auxiliary, well more than 100,000 of them.

Deployed to Iraq
There’s an excellent chance that each one of us knows at least one of them,
is related to one of them, or that one of them has somehow touched our life.

They are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder
The soldiers, sailors and airmen serving in Iraq are a multi-national force,
fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with each other to overcome their ruthless adversaries.

They’ve been doing it for more than six years now.

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And the way ahead is not easy.

To the contrary, it’s both dangerous and difficult, filled with surprise attacks and enemies that are difficult to distinguish from civilians.

In the end our gallant heroes will prevail, but not before each one of those soldiers, sailors and airmen, along with their families and other loved ones, has made sacrifices.

The same is true for the veterans of the Iraq war, those not currently deployed but who served there bravely.

Some returned injured, others not, but wounded or not, each was affected by his or her time in the battle zone.

Do not forget them.
The men and women of Operation Iraqi Freedom serve with honor, dignity and courage in the face of some of the most difficult conditions imaginable every day.

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There’s no time like the present.
Those men and women are in harm’s way, and they’re defending democracy and
civil liberties in Iraq against strong resistance.

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