Deployment Gifts

Deployment GiftsFor most of us receiving a gift at any time especially for a specific
occasion creates a wonderful sense of being loved and cherished
by those we hold dear to us. Now think for a moment that we are
living away from home and you receive a gift,
I guess you would be delighted and happy.

Again think for a moment of all those fine brave men and women who
make up our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Reserve
and Coast Guard who are deployed to such place as Iraq, Kuwait
and Afghanistan, how must they feel when they receive a deployment
gift from back home.

Following on from here we will give you some idea about what might be appropriate
for deployment gifts from troops away from home.

Deployment Gifts for Soldiers.
Your daughter or son is away and you miss them terribly and you want to sent them something from home, it may be a piece of jewelry or a nice piece of home made cake that you know they loved when under your roof back home. What a lovely idea, but don’t rush into anything as there are quite a few things to consider. The customs of both the United States and the host country where your loved one has been deployed to, may have restrictions on what can be sent and what can be received, so the first thing you should to is to consult with United States customs and also with your liaison officer in the military which I’m sure will be able to help you, well at least point you in the right direction to get the proper advice and assistance. A wonderful deployment gift is a beautiful engraved deployment sword or custom military ring with all the details of the deployment on them, these make a unique deployment gift.

Deployment Rings

Deployment Rings

Deployment Gifts for Officers
Those wonderful men and women that we expect will direct and guide our troops safely through the campaigns of Iraq and Afghanistan can also be given a deployment gift such as a sword or custom military ring with the campaign details on them and the name of the officer engraved on it to personalize the gift further. There is a vast amount of side emblems available from the range of military rings that we carry in our online shop.

Creating a Perfect Deployment Gift.
There is no hard and fast rule as to what makes up a deployment gift, but do consider
something that will remind the service member of home, it does not have to
be big and brash as it will be difficult for them to haul it around.
A book is always well received and also the family ring with the Coat of Arms engraved on it or the military ring or military pendant as these can be worn and will be a constant reminder that they belong to a military unit or family unit. Don’t forget that these brave warriors are full of pride so when you are thinking of a deployment gift think of something that will give them the opportunity to display that pride. Military jewelry as a deployment gift is always a good option as its small and is allowed to be sent easily through customs without attracting huge duties.