Masonic Rings

About  The Freemason Ring

The Masonic ring, along with the signet it bears, signifies a vow of fellowship mutual to each member of Freemasonry. Wearing the ring serves as a symbol of authentication of membership and a daily reminder of a Freemason’s obligation.

There is no established way to wear a Masonic ring, but a lot of Masons wear it with the two legs of the compass pointing outward to denote its mark of authenticity. Married men wear it on the third finger of the opposite hand of their wedding ring.

The Master Mason’s ring symbolizes and honors his achievement of completing the 3rd degree. The elevation of a brother to the ‘Sublime degree of Master Mason’ is a high honor. It is best however to wait until you have fully understand the meaning of the ring and what it symbolizes before you begin wearing it.

The Military Masonic Ring;

This is one of the most popular rings for retired, active and deployed soldiers.

The square, level and plumb are the tools represented on the Masonic ring. These tools of the craft of masonry serve to remind members of the value of the tradition and the law. The ring is mostly gold as it symbolizes the high value and esteem with which gold has the reputation across the years. The ring’s mark recognizes the level of membership a mason may have within his lodge.

How to Design and Select You Masonic Ring.

Step One: Go to the Army Rings Section when you enter the shop.

Step Two: Open your select ring choice, and scroll down to the images.

Step Three: Select the image from the dropdown menu for one side, and select a different image for the other side.

It is also beneficial to wear a Freemason ring. Masons are loyal to their own and the obligation of brotherhood stretches beyond geographical and cultural borders therefore, wearing the circlet makes a Mason more approachable to fellow Freemasons locally and abroad. This allows the members of the fraternity to provide assistance when someone travels.