US Marine Corps Jewelry

Army JewelryThe U.S. Marine Corps is a relatively small but highly elite
group of men and women who protect our freedom and
defend our allies throughout the world.

Originally they were infantry troops that were stationed aboard naval vessels,
but the Marine Corps today is one of the world’s most feared
amphibious and ground assault forces.

The history of the Marines is long and distinguished, and their
assault on the island of Iwo Jima during World War II constitutes
one of the most inspiring battles ever seen by man.

But Iwo Jima isn’t the only bloody battle Marines have ever seen –
they’ve been in the forefront of almost every American
battle since the country was born.


Marines are the Few, the Proud and the Brave.
Few, because Marines are elite soldiers and the standards of the Corps are high: it can be
more difficult to become a Marine than it is to join some of the other branches of the armed forces.

Marine Corps Jewelry

Support our Troops

branch_us_marinesProud, because of their fearless courage, selfless sacrifice and relentless sense of honor.

And Brave, because Marines often are the first to arrive on enemy beachheads,
leading the way for other troops that are invading hostile shores.

Marine jewelry perfectly symbolizes everything that Marines stand for: physical strength,
strong will, commitment to country and comrades, a storied past and a superbly effective present.

Strength of purpose and a willingness to make sacrifices when necessary.

But above all, Marine jewelry symbolizes the honor of the Corps.

Past and present Marines deserve recognition for all that they do and have done in the past.
Marine Jewelry of Pride Remember, Marines are a proud group, so there’s no better way to thank them than by giving them Marine jewelry.

And many Marines buy Marine jewelry for themselves, to display their affiliation and to remember their experiences.

Marine jewelry is both beautiful and memorable, a powerful symbol of a Marine’s dedication and honor, no matter when nor where the Marine served.

Marine rings, cuff links, tie tacks, watches, lapel pins and other pieces of Marine jewelry are available online.
Many pieces can be personalized with a Marine’s name or initials.


Marine jewelry is easy to find.
Some Marine jewelry indicates service in the Marine Corps in general,
without going into any detail. These pieces of Marine jewelry usually
feature the famous Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem of the Marine Corps.

Marine Deployment Jewelry
Other Marine jewelry is designed to show service in a particular task force or other unit, or service during a specific war or military engagement such as the Persian Gulf, Vietnam, the Korean Conflict or World War II.

Still other pieces incorporate the design of a combat medal or other decoration that’s been awarded to the Marine.
Some Marine jewelry is even designed for ex-prisoners of war.
Marines are few in number: not everyone can make the cut.

But Marines make up for their lack of numbers with their renowned courage and dedication.
They’ve made us proud with their service, and they’ve defended us against all enemies.
We can thank them with a beautiful piece of Marine jewelry.